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Why Cardano

The world is starting to understand the implications of Blockchain’s disruptive technology and its decentralised socioeconomic movement twelve and a half years after Bitcoin’s first block. Since then, the Blockchain industry has surpassed a $2.75 Trillion dollar market cap on the back of major advancements in its technological underpinnings, the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies as the frictionless payment rails of the internet, its acceptance as an inflation-hedge asset class with huge asymmetric potential, and the tremendous growth in the number of next generation products/services built on top of its infrastructure.

To dig deeper into the technical foundations and benefits of Blockchain, please refer to our video Making Sense of Blockchain (we strongly recommend watching it on a large screen).

Huge Opportunities Ahead

There has not been this level of opportunity since the the mainstream adoption of the internet. Never before has the entire world had equal access to a common financial layer, a trusted and resilient network of value not controlled by a central intermediary that is prone to corruption, mismanagement or exploitative behaviour. A global network powered by the people themselves, where everyone can have an economic identity with unfettered access to:

  • Reliable and transparent financial services
  • Seamless global trade and commerce
  • Irrefutable recordkeeping of ownership, transfers of value and other key facts
  • An interconnected metaverse of platforms for gaming and interactive experiences

With this open ecosystem we now have the power to build more fair and transparent systems, where everyone owns their personal data and builds closer connections to one another.

Further, even with the explosion of innovation in this space it is still early to be a pioneering builder. A simple investment might have achieved great returns in the beginning of this industry, but far greater potential lie ahead for those delivering the Web3-powered products/services for the global audience of billions. The upfront investment in your time to build on this new stack will yield enormous returns in the coming years.

Why Build on Cardano

On top of the amazing opportunity for growth is the unique opportunity to build on top of the strongest foundations in the Blockchain space. Cardano was designed and built carefully for long-term sustainability with a passionate community and hyper-productive team propelling it forward. It is the next evolution of Blockchain technology with the goal to provide a more scalable, inclusive and sustainable financial system that scales for global use.

Based on published peer-reviewed research in collaboration with the world’s top universities and academic minds, their latest advancements follow a methodical path from academic proofs to formal specifications and finally to robust software that can be proven to work as intended.

This well-established path from research to engineering and product development uniquely sets Cardano apart amongst the world’s top blockchain platforms, while permitting innovation at scale without compromising on energy requirements, security or decentralisation.

We summarised Cardano’s key strengths in our video The Cardano Revolution:

  • Built on top of the strongest foundations with the future in mind
  • Incredible team behind the most actively developed blockchain
  • Passionate, intelligent and thoughtful community
  • Cardano’s unique vision for economic identity, inclusion and long-term sustainability

Cardano’s World-beating Metrics

Cardano has some of the most impressive metrics in the Blockchain space and the data indicates that its flourishing network is growing stronger with time.

  • The most decentralised blockchain platform
  • Second most active blockchain by transaction volume
    • $10,000,000,000+ ($10B) USD per day
  • The most actively developed blockchain by GitHub commits
  • Has the world’s largest Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO)
    • $1,800,000,000+ ($1.8B) USD in the treasury
    • 31,000+ participants
    • Governance built-in to the protocol
    • 930 project proposals and 150+ projects funded to date

** Metrics updated on 12/09/2021

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