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Querying the Chain

As mentioned previously in the Summary of Components, using cardano-cli can be difficult to maintain and scale especially if output formats change with newer versions. Further, the ad-hoc querying options in cardano-cli are limited to querying the tip of the chain, basic UTxOs and protocol/stake/pool info.

Cardano db-sync

A core component in Cardano is cardano-db-sync, a required dependency for almost all components supporting advanced queries over Cardano. This includes cardano-graphql, cardano-rosetta, SMASH API, Dandelion APIs, Blockfrost and Koios.

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External HTTP APIs


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Cardano GraphQL (Dandelion hosted)

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Building Cryptographic Entities

To see your options for building keys, addresses and other cryptographic entities continue to Building Cryptographic Entities ➡️